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50 Duplicated Cassette Tapes w/ Norelco Box

50 Duplicated Cassette Tapes w/ Norelco Box

$ 150.00

This is the package for duplicated cassettes and norelco boxes only. No shell print or J-cards are included. See our other package deals for these options.

Package Includes: 
• 50 Professionally Duplicated Super Ferric Cassette Tapes
• 50 Norelco Cases
• Maximum Length of 64 Minutes (Get in touch for C65+)
• Free Test Cassette (Upon Request)

Completed audio files: can be sent via WeTransfer, Google Drive, or equivalent to crypticcarousel@gmail.com

Cassette Order Form
Please copy/paste this form into the order notes or email crypticcarousel@gmail.com for a quote.

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