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35 Cent Tape Sale - Via Facebook

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Please enter quantity and which tapes you were interested in. Reserved tapes will have a name next to them on the Facebook post.

 8 x Light Blue C90 @Smhoak Mosheein
50 x Red Solid C34 - Tabs Out Kero Detund
20 x Pink C37 - Tabs Out @Smhoak Mosheein
50 x White w/ Red Liner C56 - Tabs In Eusebie Siebenberg
25 x White C20 - Tabs In No Parades
50 x Smoky Tint C25 - Tabs Out Maxwell F Alper
59 x Black C40 - Tabs Out -34 to Spencer Keller
25 x Barney Purple C25 - Tabs Out for Kihclavok Noskcaj
50 x Purple Tint C45 - Tabs Out Kero Detund
29 x White C15 - Tabs In No Parades
30 x Clear w/ Black Liner C15 - Tabs Out
42 x Black (Unlabeled - Length C30 Approximate) - Tabs In Smhoak Mosheein
9 x Putty Solid C30 Derek Rush
20 x Black (Unlabeled - Length C10 Approximate) - Tabs In @No Parades
15 x Blue Solid C92
37 x Purple Tint C20 @Kero Detund
13 x Purple Tint C30
50 x Yellow Solid C65 -25 @Kihclavok Noskcaj -25 @Kero Detund
35 x Clear w/ Black Liner (Unlabeled - Length Approximate C90) Eusebie Siebenberg