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Hex Inverter - ACXsynth MIDI2CV Eurorack module

Hex Inverter - ACXsynth MIDI2CV Eurorack module

$ 120.00

Carefully hand built from DIY kit, Gently Used, In perfect working order!

The ACXsynth MIDI2CV Eurorack module is an 8HP, 4 channel CV/Gate interface with a robust feature set.

The original circuit and firmware were designed by the talented Alain Coupel of ACXsynth. His design is used here with permission. Dmitry, a forum member, took it upon himself to update the firmware with a slew of new and exciting features!

  • 12bit DACs with high quality Intersil opamps for great CV accuracy 
  • Monophonic mode offers full control of one voice (mod, pitch wheel, etc.) as well as sequencer control (start/stop, reset, sync)
  • Split and duophonic modes accessible through advanced features
  • Sync output emits MIDI clock pulses for driving sequencers
  • MIDI channel auto-learn at startup means no configuration if only basic functionality is desired