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100 Duplicated Cassette Tapes with J-Cards, Shell Print or Labels, & Cases

100 Duplicated Cassette Tapes with J-Cards, Shell Print or Labels, & Cases

$ 250.00

Package Includes:
100 Professionally Duplicated Ferric Cassette Tapes
(Upgrade to High Bias Chrome tape is available here for a small fee)
Full Color 3-Panel J-Cards - Single or Double Sided
(Additional panels can be added for a small fee - available here)
Single Sided O-Cards or U-cards - instead of J-Cards
Direct Shell Imprinting or Laser Printed Shell Labels
Ink Color Chart can be found here: http://crypticcarousel.com/shellinkcolors.html
All Clear, Black, Blue or White Back Cases
Optional Shrink Wrap
Printed Digital Download Cards can be added here
(Please provide us with the codes via printable PDF or CSV)
Up to 29 Minutes Total Length Per side
(Length requiring a C60 and beyond available for a small upgrade fee - available here)

Please be sure to only use our templates, available here: crypticcarousel.com/templates.html. They should be properly completed with artwork extending to the green bleed lines, text inside the safe zone, and guides either hidden, removed, or kept in editable layers. A compressed ZIP or RAR file folder containing PDF or PSD files for the artwork and WAV or FLAC files for the audio works best. Digital audio and artwork can be sent via WeTransfer, Google Drive, or equivalent to crypticcarousel@gmail.com.

Please Note: If the audio contains copyrighted samples or remixes, we can only press them with written clearance from the copyright holder. Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding this policy.

We look forward to working with you!

Cassette Order Form
Please copy/paste this form into the order notes or email crypticcarousel@gmail.com for a quote.
Audio Length Side A:
Audio Length Side B:
Cassette Shell Color:
Shell Labels or Direct Imprint:
Imprint Ink Color:
J-Cards or O-Cards:
J-Card Size:
Clear, Black, Blue, Red, or White Cases:
Optional Shrinkwrap:
Download Cards:
(To avoid any mistakes, this completed order form is required before your order can be pressed)