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CCR-047 :: Rare Fruit - Disambiguation - Cassette
Free download available at

CCR-046 :: Sentient Explosive - Bizarre Code Names - C50 Cassette

by noisepoetnobody -
& Dean Moore -

CCR-045 :: Forrest Friends - 40 Winks of Dyer - C40 Cassette

Very tribal and very intimate sounding (you feel like you are in the room with them). Fans of Sun City Girls and Excepter should check it out!

CCR-044 :: Ominous Clouds & Screeching Eagle
Awful Blasts of Eagle - C40 Cassette

From the little gnomes that handcraft the tapes. Please: remix, recycle, reuse, replace, revise any/all of this and send to

CCR-043 :: Pregnant Spore - Black Smoke Sleep - C20 Cassette

Pregnant Spore is Justin Marc Lloyd. Recorded live @ Black Smoke Lodge - November 2011. Charred universal gray hazy desaturated line of sighted sleeping burning chemical fires holding hearts full of healing forever.

CCR-042 :: Joey Chainsaw - Sonic Ejaculant Ghosts - C25 Cassette

"old crap unk guitar drone dirge" - Joey Chainsaw. Recorded in 2007. Mixed & mastered in winter 2011. For Artem Bezu & Sindre Bjerga. Artwork by Joey.

CCR-041 :: Long Distance Poison - Voltage Voids - C40 Cassette

Long Distance Poison is a Brooklyn based void drone band. LDP can be located someplace in the analog wilderness amidst the likes of early Tangerine Dream, Kluster, John Carpenter and Terry Riley. Erica Bradbury, Casey Block, and Nathan Cearley use old Moogs, Arps, Rolands, and treated guitars to create dark soft-electronic-metal--sonic textures composed of macabre sludge, chunk, and swirls. Recorded at Brendon Anderegg's apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Centers remixed by Shawn Parke in his small duplex in Portland, Oregon.

CCR-040 :: Henry Hynes - In the Noon & Other Songs - Double C20

Recorded in Princeton, NJ 09/10 to 4-track cassette. Henry also plays drums in the band Home Blitz.

CCR-039 :: Rare Fruit - s/t - CDR

A garden of organic electronics and acoustic delights. Recorded and produced by Kian Seara - Miami 2010.

CCR-038 :: Soft Wind - The Gelatin Gentleman - CDR

(recordings 2008-2010)"Just in case anyone asks to book soft wind I only play on airplanes preferably virgin america and I will only play at 15,000 feet or higher"-Soft Wind is Judd Condo.

CCR-037 :: Creeplings - s/t - C20

Bianca Bibiloni and Joshua Slusher offer up two ghastly hauntings. Live recordings from 13 Thames, Brooklyn and Thug Mansion, Philly.

CCR-036 :: Arcanode - Orchidaceae - CDR

Ambient guitar loops emit the aural aroma of midnight flowers during this twenty-three minute bliss out.

CCR-035 :: Joey Chainsaw - Levitating Discs - C30 Cassette

4trak anti-x-mas crazies mellow dribble transcending light drones/keys twinkle death explosions..

CCR-034 :: Henry Hynes - The Portal - CDR

Collected 4-track meditations 2006-2010. Printed on multicolor paper.

CCR-033 :: Sunglasses - Deep Cloth - CDR

Vibrant and distinctly woven auditory threads with a complex underlying pattern and structure. Sunglasses is Matt Kimmel and Ryan Chupick. Recorded in February of 2010.

CCR-032 :: Rust Worship - Here/Elsewhere - C32 Cassette

Brooklyn and Hartford missives from Obsolete Units founder/THD miscreant Paul Haney. A warm dirge and an infused buzz of necessitated intuition. Fervor and breadth.
Artwork by Kieron Cropper.

CCR-031 :: Fluorescent Vibes - GBM - C15 Cassette

Live excerpts from performances at Goodbye Blue Monday in 2009. "Early-Cluster/Eno-like washes and analog pulsations with a coalescing layer of powdered concrete crunch."-Wm. M. Berger. "Take me away, alien mothership."-SiHV

CCR-030 :: Andy Borsz - Metal Mirror - C20 Cassette

Recorded winter of 2009 in Brooklyn. For Chris Dooley & Laurent Cartuy. Incredible solo cassette from Slasher Risk's Andy Borsz. Beautifully swirling modulations and feedback lighting the way for cautious footsteps into the dark subconscious.

CCR-029 :: Shining Nimbus - s/t - C32 Cassette - Out of Print
A collaborative project between Eli Oviedo- accordion, guitar, bells, fisher price toy piano, beat box & vocals & Marissa Roesijadi - bells & vocals. All recordings took place in August '08 in a waterless bathtub because the bathroom had the best acoustics in the building, of course.

CCR-028 :: Various Artists - People Skills - C62 Cassette/CDR

Epic 16 track compilation co-released with Tin Cans and Twine. Featuring: Grasshopper, Crank Sturgeon, Twisty Cat, Irene Moon, Telecult Powers, Slasher Risk, Mutant Ape, Lambs, Kevin Shields, Dubknowdub, Ominous Clouds, Towering Heroic Dudes, Millions, Sunglasses, Stefan Kushima & Joey Chainsaw. Cover by Joseph Martin. Insert by Bk Broilers.

CCR-027 :: DYK - DD1 - C47 Cassette

Pulsating electronics and mysteriously encoded boy/girl vocals from the fantastic collaboration of Ryan Chupick (Miami Beach/The Thai That Binds) and Amy Berkowitz.

CCR-026 :: Henry Hynes - Snow Gold - C32 Cassette

This project is an experiment in liner composition using a small low fidelity tape recorder and little to no "editing" or "overdubbing". Field recordings winter 2008-2009. Musique concrete + pop gems.

CCR-025 :: Arcanode - Celestial Backdrop - C32 Cassette

Fourth official Arcanode release and first as a collective effort with Cammisa Buerhaus' joining. B side features Nate and Andrew from Towering Heroic Dudes.
Cover artwork by Christine Young.
Inside panel by Cammisa Buerhaus.

CCR-024 :: Millions - We Are All - C32 Cassette

"It is always possible to think of a larger number: for the number of times a magnitude can be bisected is infinite. Hence the infinite is potential, never actual; the number of parts that can be taken always surpasses any assigned number." A new epic classic from David Suss.

CCR-023 :: Towering Heroic Dudes - Kutters - C32 Cassette

A hero may exhibit characteristics such as superhuman strength and endurance that sometimes makes him nearly invincible. Gnarly jams and Kut-ups from the ultimate dudes.

CCR-022 :: Spacehand - In the Leaves - C62 Cassette

Transcendent inner and outer space music. From broken trails & stormy hang-ups to the unprecedented adventures of the psyche that await within.
Cover by Witchbeam

CCR-021 :: Evil Robot Ted - s/t (Girl In The Merzbow Shirt) - C47 Cassette

Staring into the depths of hell feeling severely broke but still full of love, fury, and a complex vision. John Marra blasts forth yet another masterpiece.

CCR-020 :: Soft Wind - Santa Ana - C20 Cassette

First lo-fi pop/Miami bass/sunlight inspired electronic noise tape from a homeless New Yorker. Recorded live on and into a Macbook on various Brooklyn couches in 2008.

CCR-019 :: Ominous Clouds - The Crying Power - C40 Cassette

The long lost 19th release is finally available! Remixes, reedits, deconstructions, and decimations are both welcomed and requested.

CCR-018 :: Fluorescent Vibes - Shaded Inconsistent - CDR

Timely follow up to Elephant Mortar. Artwork by Ricky Billings.

CCR-017 :: Fluorescent Vibes - Elephant Mortar - 3" CDR

Excellent first release from from this Brooklyn/Ridgewood psychedelic trio. Keywords: Future / Epcot / 1970's / NON-organic. Includes members of Miami Beach, Heliotaxis, Spacehand and Arcanode.
Artwork by Ricky Billings and Margherite Ottaviano.

CCR-016 :: Lambs - C32 Cassette

First solo cassette release from Heliotaxis' Mark Hadsell. A white hot furnace gently scorching the frozen tundra. Produced at the Wash-n-Dry, Pittsburgh.

CCR-015 :: Synesthetic Burst - Sensual Bitch/Vultures - C32 Cassette

Pummeling digital destruction from one of the mightiest in sound. Brokecore John does it again with this collection of hypnotic abrasions.
Features artwork by Christine Young.

CCR-014 :: Boy+Girl - Amnesia Lord Fling Button - C32 Cassette

More high quality Lo-fi from Florida! All music by AG Davis. Instruments used: synthesizer, tape loops, sampler, drum machine, various broken equipment, voice. Recorded between june - july '08 in jax, fl.

CCR-013 :: Arcanode - Phase of Our Lives - C32 Cassette

Four deep and disorienting excursions into laptopia.

CCR-012 :: Crank Sturgeon - Onager Sass - C40 Cassette

Brand new release from the "ordained minister and usurper of plateau monoculture; Husolandija progenitor, dada-mainliner/international trianglewear peddler for the prototype alpha new millenial dirigible-parable concrete discourse found-object assembly (with pants)". Recorded May 2008 w/ tape, junk, voice and squawk box.-Harpswell, Maine

CCR-011 :: Miami Beach - Healing Powers - C32 Cassette

Caustic ear candy from the sunshine state of mind. Features artwork by Christine Young.

CCR-010 :: Joey Chainsaw/Stefan Kushima - Gathering WoOoOl

Side A features the lonesome, rumbling guitar work and ghostly vocals of Joey Chainsaw. Comparable to some of the bleaker moments of Jandek. Side B is an epic 20 minute drone piece by sound artist Stefan Kushima from Linz, Austria. Think Axolotl-Skaters-Tony Conrad.

CCR-009 :: Arklight - Sesee Tee Ettes - CDR

Beats, guitar clamor, and otherworldly sounds from Queens.

CCR-008 :: Evil Robot Ted/Arcanode - The Legend of Cadmus - C20

The teeth sprouted into armed warriors, ready to attack. Cadmus tricked them into fighting one another, until only five survived, known as the Sparti, who became the first citizens the new city...

CCR-007 :: The Thai That Binds - Black Gold - C20 Cassette

Microtonal throat gargling with sterile saline curry paste.

CCR-006 :: Furi Kuri - The Worst Movie Ever - C60 Cassette

Intense movie house disappointment leads to unbridled audio-agony.

CCR-005 :: Arcanode - Plasma Jets - C32 Cassette

Minimal, abstract, sound collage with prepared guitar and software. Features artwork by Becca Kacanda.

CCR-004 :: Heliotaxis - CMYK - C32 Cassette

Shimmering psychedelic drone from Mark Hadsell and Corey Bauer.

CCR-003 :: Oak - Resting - C20 Cassette

Soothing spacey tape music from the Tin Cans and Twine Records founding father.
Features artwork by Becca Kacanda.

CCR-002 :: Eliot Cardinaux - Gardening - CDR

Beautiful solo piano improvisations from one of Brooklyn's finest.

CCR-001 :: Joey Chainsaw - Waxed Eagle - C32 cassette

Chaotic disintegrated soundscapes from the UK.