CCR-061 - Vat of Acid - S/T - C19 Cassette – Cryptic Carousel

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CCR-061 - Vat of Acid - S/T - C19 Cassette

CCR-061 - Vat of Acid - S/T - C19 Cassette

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"New York four-piece Vat Of Acid's new tape for the Cryptic Carousel label blends the debased sludge-punk of bands like Flipper with playfully tormented vocal antics and sheets of corrosive noise. It's noise-rock for those who like it a little more unhinged, but mostly grounded in lurching and dense bass lines. The band has called itself "violently psychedelic," a quality that comes to the fore in this tape's manipulation of feedback and, when the pummeling rhythms let up, eerie open space. Whether the band is rocking or giving way to full-on noisy abstraction, there's always something around the corner to surprise and scar. Vat Of Acid's members have played in projects including punk band Law$uits, post-punk outfit The Marsh Hens, and the experimental outlet Surf Hair. "

- Scott Gordon, Tone Madison