Hep! Collective #19/4ep - Cassette – Cryptic Carousel

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Hep! Collective #19/4ep - Cassette

Hep! Collective #19/4ep - Cassette

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Lorenzo Peluffo Born 1986, Italian, lives and works in Vercelli. He's a Milano's fine art academy graduate. He also studied at Hogeschool voor de kunsten in Utrecht (NL). His work focuses on Lo-fi and DIY culture, graphic design, and music. In 2013 he started up Hep!Collective, an open source art project; He's zine "HEP!" has been selected for the exhibition of Fahrenheit 39's fourth edition in Ravenna, Italy and is now travelling around Europe with the mobile library Zines of the zone. In January 2015 Hep!Collective released two tapes: 19/4ep, for the U.S. label Cryptic Carousel and the LP Cactaceas, for Danish label Phinery.