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SEMIOTIC RECIPES  -  VHS Compilation Series VOL II (CCR-056)

SEMIOTIC RECIPES - VHS Compilation Series VOL II (CCR-056)

$ 10.00

Volume II in our series of sound and video art compilations, released as limited edition VHS!


Saguaro Forest - Special Interest
Funeral with Strippers - Ak'chamel
Unconscious Lines - ALTRS
    - video/editing: Chad Eivins
    - mask images: Damon Davis
    - audio collage: Black James
 Alive - Andres Komatsu
My Chest Is Tightening and All You Can Do is Watch - #TEAMSSRI
   -Angelina Ruiz -Visual Improvisations 
   -Max Alper - AuralImprovisations
Bright Contrast - Chad Edison Ritchie
Poem for a weary RAM - Callan Skimin
   -Audio and Video by Evan Henry
One A.M.
Music by David Gould and Dakota Reed
   -Video by Dakota Reed
Drones in My Passway - Corey Bauer
"Telex" Voyageons - Leo Zapplin 
   -Directed by Jason McCreary 
Hey Donny/Hedony - Becca Kauffman
A Slow Death in San Diego - J. Robinson
"ΛVΘN™ NiteMare Liquid Mascara (feat. 회사AUTO)
udio by Nmesh
  -Video by Rob Feulner

OUR EYE AYE - Will Erokan & Gerry Fialka
Untitled I (Hollow Moon Dub) - 
The Spiritual Switchboard 
   -From the album “Post-Age Variations” on Baked Tapes.
   -Video manipulation performed by Matthew Melnick & Videopunks.
Sawing sound (study 1) - Toby Kaufmann-Buhler
Don Henley - Uneasy Chairs
Vertigo Eyes - Don Haugen